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Clipart how you want it

Create a vintage distressed design

In search of that vintage look? You can get it! Click the "add notes" button and let us know you want your design "DISTRESSED". Once you've placed your order, we'll email you a picture proof of your design for review.

Vintage distressed design is an additional feature that Custom Ink is able to offer during the design process. It is available for orders of six or more items by special request, and often requires special pricing.

Invert any clipart

Using a clipart image that you think might look better with the colors inverted? We can take care of that for you! Just add it in your order notes. In fact, if the artist working on your order thinks that the clipart will look better inverted, we'll do it for you automatically and send it to you for review before printing your order.

Filling in "transparent" clipart with color

Found the perfect clipart image, but it's only available in plain old black and white? We will be more than happy to add in any color you want to make your design pop. Just describe what you’re looking for in your order notes and our art team will take care of it!

Rotating Clipart

Need to rotate clipart? Just let us know in your order notes and we'll get it just right for you.

Need Anything Else?

Looking for something not listed here? Describe your idea in your order notes and a Helpful Inker will contact you as soon as they can to talk about it!

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