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or kDMNotFoundErr: Could not find item. error -346 smBadsPtrErr: Bad pointer was passed to sCalcsPointer error -345 smsGetDrvrErr: Error occurred during _sGetDriver. If Windows still cannot find the network path, contact your network administrator. ERROR_DUP_NAME 52 (0x34) You were not connected because a duplicate name exists on the network. error -305 smDisabledSlot: This slot is disabled (-305 use to be smLWTstBad) error -304 smNoDir: Directory offset is Nil error -303 smRevisionErr: Wrong revison level error -302 smFormatErr: FHeader Format is navigate here

The segment loader is responsible for loading a needed segment into RAM. ID=12 Unimplemented Core Routine A programmer might set breakpoints in parts of a program to inspect for errors. Does such a list exist?If not, can you help me understand why not?--Gil MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8) Posted on Apr 3, 2013 4:07 AM Reply I have this question It usually won't’ happen again, but if you find a Kernel Panic happens frequently then it could be a sign that something is wrong with your Mac hardware, either the RAM

Macos Error -67062

New in version 1.5.2. Restart the app and see if it behaves itself this time. Basically, this indicates a run-time resolution error. */ errAENegativeCount = -1729, /* CountProc returned negative value */ errAEEmptyListContainer = -1730, /* Attempt to pass empty list as container to accessor */ Basically this indicates a run-time resolution error.

  • error -23003 ipLoadErr: Not enough room in the application heap (Macintosh 512K enhanced only) error -23002 ipNoCnfgErr: A configuration resource is missing.
  • error -23033 ipDestDeadErr: The destination host is not responding to address resolution requests.
  • exception UnicodeDecodeError¶ Raised when a Unicode-related error occurs during decoding.

New in version 2.5. Step 4: Try unplugging devices from the Mac computer one at a time. The os._exit() function can be used if it is absolutely positively necessary to exit immediately (for example, in the child process after a call to os.fork()). Mac Error Code 8072 It's less likely than error 02, but still very common.

See the discussion above for more information on exception instance attributes. This error report is a list of information that the developer uses to fix common problems. It’s a pain but normally it happens infrequently, so it doesn’t get in the way of things. http://krypted.com/mac-security/a-comprehensive-list-of-os-x-10-x-error-codes/ error -290 smSDMInitErr: Error; SDM could not be initialized.

exception WindowsError¶ Raised when a Windows-specific error occurs or when the error number does not correspond to an errno value. Error Code List These are examples of some problems that may occur: A handle can be de-referenced. exception Warning¶ Base class for warning categories. error -3175 kOTResQLenErr: When this endpoint was bound (see Bind), the qlen parameter was greater than zero.

System Error Codes

I keep looking for a comprehensive list of all error codes sorted by number. error -313 smNoBoardSRsrc: No Board sResource. Macos Error -67062 The microprocessor can access a byte of information at an odd or even memory address. Mac Error Code 8076 The following exceptions are the exceptions that are actually raised.

When a system crash does occur, you'll lose less data if you've taken these precautions. check over here When exceptions of this type are created with a 2-tuple, the first item is available on the instance's errno attribute (it is assumed to be an error number), and the error -316 smInitStatVErr: The InitStatusV field was negative after primary or secondary init. If this error occurs; check sInfo rec for more information.*/ smNilsBlockErr = -336, /*Nil sBlock error (Don't allocate and try to use a nil sBlock)*/ smSlotOOBErr = -337, /*Slot out of Windows Error Codes Lookup

History of Apple, 1976-2016 70 best free iPhone games Read More Comments Latest Stories New MacBook Pro release date, UK price, tech specs | MacBook Pro 2016 UK guide 24 Nov ID=01 Bus Error This means the computer tried to access memory that doesn't exist. You should report this to the author or maintainer of your Python interpreter. his comment is here New in version 2.3.

For more information on weak references, see the weakref module. Mac Error Codes The errno value maps the winerror value to corresponding errno.h values. The Python Software Foundation is a non-profit corporation.

When the 68000 encounters such an instruction, it looks it up in the instruction table.

Make a note of the error ID or text, and the version numbers of the application and system software you were using. It is a subclass of UnicodeError. DO NOT CONTINUE!!!!*/ Desktop printing error codes kDTPHoldJobErr = -4200, kDTPStopQueueErr = -4201, kDTPTryAgainErr = -4202, kDTPAbortJobErr = 128 ColorSync Result codes: Profile Access Errors cmElementTagNotFound = -4200, cmIndexRangeErr = -4201, /* Windows Error Codes 0x The winerror and strerror values are created from the return values of the GetLastError() and FormatMessage() functions from the Windows Platform API.

If you know of a category of errors that are not included here, please let me know. ID=15 Segment Loader Error Macintosh programs are broken up into segments, and each program will always have at least one segment. A routine can get a NIL pointer. weblink If there's no entry for the instruction, you see one of these errors.

If joining a workgroup, choose another workgroup name. ERROR_BAD_NETPATH 53 (0x35) The network path was not found. ERROR_NETWORK_BUSY 54 (0x36) The network is busy. ERROR_DEV_NOT_EXIST 55 (0x37) The New in version 2.3. But to accept a connection on an alternate end-point, such as this one, the endpoint must be bound with a qlen parameter equal to zero. We appreciate your feedback.

A good place to start is with any movie files that you no longer want to watch. New in version 2.0. We’re also fans of Daisy Disk, a program that visually displays how much space items are taking up on your mac’s hard drive. error -23016 commandTimeout: The specified command action was not completed in the specified time period.

Specialization of errOSACantAccess*/ OSAIllegalAssign = -10003, /* Signaled when an object can never be set in a container*/ OSASyntaxError = -2740, /* Signaled when a syntax error occurs. (e.g. "Syntax error" or dsMiscErr: miscellaneous hardware exception error error 12 sdmSRTInitErr: Slot Resource Table could not be initialized. You’re not likely to see a Kernel Panic very often, so it usually comes as a surprise when it happens. Mac-Wizard Tech Notes Apple Info Page TITLE Macintosh System Error Codes Explained (Pre OS X) Article ID:Created:Modified: 17492/18/863/4/98 TOPIC This article explains what some Macintosh system errors actually mean.

exception LookupError¶ The base class for the exceptions that are raised when a key or index used on a mapping or sequence is invalid: IndexError, KeyError. Enjoy: http://krypted.com/guides/comprehensive-list-of-mac-os-x-error-codes/ Share:ShareRedditLinkedInTwitterFacebookPinterestGoogleEmailPrintTumblrPocket Related krypted May 16th, 2015 Posted In: Mac OS X, Mac OS X Server, Mac Security Tags: error codes, full list, os x, source Search for: 318 (2) Active A Motorola 68000 instruction tests for an overflow condition, and displays this error if it detects an overflow. Drag to the trash some large files.

Resreved field <> 0.*/ smUnExBusErr = -308, /*Unexpected BusError*/ smBLFieldBad = -309, /*ByteLanes field was bad.*/ smFHBlockRdErr = -310, /*Error occurred during _sGetFHeader.*/ smFHBlkDispErr = -311, /*Error occurred during _sDisposePtr (Dispose exception OverflowError¶ Raised when the result of an arithmetic operation is too large to be represented. AppleScript) any or all of these may also occur at runtime.*/enum { errOSATypeError = errAEWrongDataType, OSAMessageNotUnderstood = errAEEventNotHandled, /* Signaled when a message was sent to an object that didn't handle args¶ The tuple of arguments given to the exception constructor.

Usually developers release a Mac update to coincide with an Apple Mac OS X update, or shortly afterwards.