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Reply Dylan says: September 1, 2016 at 9:12 pm YES! Reply Nick says: January 15, 2016 at 4:29 pm Thank you - worked perfectly and saved me a few headaches! I'm installing on a new ssd (OWC 240 GB) on a late 2008 MPB. I am guessing this is the cause of the cannot verify.

It may also indicate something wrong with your Mac’s internal drive. Your summary was invaluable. Any further ideas or suggestions? I have tried with construction but it still err.

Osx Error Code -50

It usually won't’ happen again, but if you find a Kernel Panic happens frequently then it could be a sign that something is wrong with your Mac hardware, either the RAM I'm also considering installing Yosemite from another Mac through SATA-USB. Have been fidgeting with installation and almost giving up - saw your genius solution and saved my day. It solved the problem.

  1. Reply Ray says: February 18, 2016 at 5:14 pm whle folks may hate it, it's what i have available and changing the date to 2014 allowed me to install yosemite…… thanks!
  2. Can you imagine this happening to iOS apps?
  3. Did a search and arrived at this site.
  4. So they use Mifi type LTE only for their Internet.
  5. Reply College Girl says: September 28, 2016 at 5:03 pm I am 22 year old college girl in Florida who has NO idea about computers.
  6. I just upgraded my early 2011 MBP to an SSD, and was going to do a clean install of El Capitan, when I got one of the error messages mentioned above.
  7. Opened up terminal - checked the date.
  8. it worked.
  9. I fixed date no solution..
  10. Store download the relevant version of OS X and you will automatically get the latest installer (Mavericks 10.9.5,Yosemite 10.10.5).

Reply Sam says: November 13, 2015 at 12:32 am Thank you for saving me a lot of headache … It was the date, which make sense since I just disconnected the Reply Hannah says: July 6, 2015 at 2:35 am I'm trying to update to OS X Yosemite 10.10.4, it's been the fourth time of me downloading and restarting and it still Reply Vinodh r says: March 13, 2016 at 7:06 am Setting the date backward saved my day and my blood pressure. How To Fix Error Code -43 Mac MacBook Pro Retina Late 2012.

Solved my problem. Osx Error Code 36 Restart again and press nothing! 13. Apps can be launched again and are running fine. It may have been corrupted or tampered with during downloading” pls Help Reply Not$UOh says: March 10, 2016 at 6:35 am if you are doing a fresh install on a wiped

Reply Gerald Ephraim says: October 17, 2015 at 10:59 pm None of the options worked for me. Mac Finder Error Code -36 Reply José Mamede says: May 15, 2016 at 8:04 pm Yes! Reply John Tampazopoulos says: December 25, 2015 at 8:56 am Was getting the "app can't be verified" error message during an attempt to install El Capitan on a brand new SSD I just had to set the date via terminal to solve, that's great.

Osx Error Code 36

Reply Kellen says: February 12, 2016 at 7:54 pm Thank you for this excellent guide! I too am going through a battery and ssd replacement, hope it speeds up my early 2011 MBP. Osx Error Code -50 I set the date to the date I downloaded the installer (actually a couple of days earlier), and the install went off without a hitch. Macos Error: -67065 Reply Pablo says: November 12, 2015 at 6:04 pm Just reboot the Mac, it should be enough alone without deleting and re-installing apps.

Reply Rick Clark says: October 30, 2015 at 6:01 pm I have a new 480 gig SSD from OWC I just replaced because the company thought it was a drive problem It will say something like “The Application quit unexpectedly”. Here are some ideas; Empty the Trash: Right-click on the Trash can in the Dock and choose Empty Trash. Reply Martin Crickett says: February 15, 2016 at 9:05 am Just for anyone who is still getting the error after setting the current date: For some reason if I set the Mac Error Codes

Reply B says: February 24, 2015 at 12:11 pm Did all of the above and still no luck. The OWC SSD has the most current firmware (I checked by creating a bootable USB firmware updater from OWC and checking the SSD as it was installed in place of the Been thinking the harddrive or download was corrupt the whole time…. Reply Ferrers says: November 13, 2015 at 9:24 am I've signed into the App Store, updated some applications and they work… The problem is, some of my applications have been replaced

I set the date and time in the terminal and the installation was abled to continue. - Thanks. Can’t Be Read Or Written. (error Code -36) Reset date using manual command. Try running again" error message will appear and resolve itself with a simple reboot.

i remade my bootable usb about 12 times and was about to take it to the apple store in the morning then i came across this and thank god, it worked.

Our iPads crashed every time we accessed our corporate customer information system (what they were purchased for). Reply Alan says: November 13, 2015 at 12:16 am I have the same issue with a game. Apple used to maintain error logs for Mac OS 9, but since Mac OS X is more stable, and the internet came along it’s better to enter error messages into a Mac Error Code 43 Thanks again.

Reply Sir_bob says: February 25, 2016 at 3:44 am Thank you paul your a legend buddy. I have received both error messages during multiple attempts to load El Capitan to my new ssd. let put some random date of mid year 2015.. Reply Mike says: November 12, 2015 at 9:03 pm Having done the reboots and reinstall procedures and still not able to use my particular financial app I'm at a loss.

The only option I can think of is maybe the firmware needing to be updated. It worked on my MacBook pro 2009 with battery problems and the El capitan USB installer. I changed the date to 2015 and it finally worked.