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or (3) Replace dialog.xlc from user profile [path: see above] with dialog.xlc from program directory [path: ...\Program_Files\LibreOffice_3.5\presets\basic]. Status: RESOLVED NOT_AN_ISSUE Alias: None Product: General Classification: Code Component: scripting (show other issues) Version: 3.4.1 Hardware: PC Windows 7 Importance: P3 Major (vote) Target Milestone: --- Assignee: AOO issues mailing A new Common.xcu is created and the problem should have disappeared. Description joerg.skottke 2005-12-30 12:59:28 UTC This is a general catch all for any "Error loading Basic of document" errormessages. have a peek here

Comment 5 Pavel Alexeev 2011-10-30 04:59:46 EDT Unfortunately not at this time - now debuginfo dependency consolidation broken: # LANG=C yum install libreoffice-debuginfo gdb Loaded plugins: auto-update-debuginfo, langpacks, presto, refresh-packagekit Setting Please? Comment 20 ab 2009-02-24 11:52:15 UTC *** Issue 56213 has been marked as a duplicate of this issue. *** Comment 21 michael.ruess 2010-02-24 08:58:20 UTC *** Issue 91680 has been marked Steve Langasek (vorlon) wrote on 2008-04-05: #7 I see the same problem here; moving the ~/.openoffice.org2 directory aside does *not* make the error go away, indeed, checking .openoffice.org2 after trying OOo

What I can provide or do to help fix it? Can you elaborate? Please verify and report any success or problems to [email protected] Replace the contents.xml file in the directory created in Step 5 with the contents.xml from the damaged file unpacked in Step 3.

Same problem.So apparently there is some other problem lurking out there that even a fresh install didn't fix. This cannot be fixed now, the problem is already there. Comment 17 bernhard 2008-10-24 13:26:25 UTC I moved the files from my previous computer containing OOo1.1.5 and a version of OOo2.x (probably OOo2.0.1) to my new laptop about 2 1/2 years This does not fix the initial problem, it just hides it and it will also hide similar problems that may occur in the future.

So what is it that I'm missing? All Rights Reserved. (Contributor contact(s):________________[Insert hyperlink/alias]). You may choose to offer, and to charge a fee for, warranty, support, indemnity or liability obligations to one or more recipients of Documentation. http://ask.libreoffice.org/en/question/1641/error-loading-basic-of-document-file/ Comment 11 pamasz 2008-01-19 10:40:10 UTC I've upgraded from 2.2 to 2.3 and still get the a.m.

Using File > Wizards > Install new dictionaries... I ended up having to delete all of .openoffice.org2.0, .openoffice.org2 and .rhopenoffice1.1 before I could get openoffice to start without bugging me about the basic files. All Rights Reserved. (Initial Writer contact(s):[email protected]].) Contributor(s): [email protected] I have attached the screen shot of the first error message.

A little web search reveals that people have this problem all the time, since around 2005. Home | New | Browse | Search | [?] | Reports | Requests | Help | NewAccount | Log In [x] | Forgot Password Login: [x] Log in / Register Ubuntuopenoffice.org Could you install gdb and libreoffice-debuginfo, get the attached gdb script and run gdb -nx -x bt.gdb --args /usr/lib64/libreoffice/program/soffice.bin --writer ? If you don't mind loosing your settings you can also remove your user installation or rename to /user_old.

You may not offer or impose any terms that alter or restrict the applicable version of this License or the recipients' rights hereunder. http://davegaubatz.com/openoffice-error/openoffice-error-log.html Comment 10 ab 2007-09-25 07:30:40 UTC ab->mhrichter: I don't consider removing a correct error message to be a fix, it just covers the problem. Corrupt or incomplete installation or download When attempting to download and install OpenOffice.org, users will occasionally receive an error message that the downloaded package was corrupt. For example, when Documentation is released as a series of documents, a Modification is: A.

  • General input/output error.
  • Anyway -> STARTED Comment 7 joerg.skottke 2006-08-08 06:20:51 UTC jsk->ab: We use meta-bugs inside QA to track multiple similar issues, to make it easier to get an overview.
  • Any Modification which You create or to which You contribute must be made available publicly in Editable Form under the terms of this License via a fixed medium or an accepted
  • Adding new fonts to OpenOffice.org In general, the fonts installed on a computer are simply available to OpenOffice.org, just as they are to any other application on the system.
  • Description Lee Featherstone 2013-05-05 20:45:49 UTC Just starting up and portion of the system I received this message 2 times.
  • General input/output error.
  • Required Notices.
  • With Linux the command could be: zip -r my_new_fixed_document.sxw * Open the fixed document in OpenOffice.org and verify the numbering.
  • The target file is the common.xcu file.

Note: Often, you will see a pop-up window cautioning you that the document may contain formatting that cannot be saved in the file type you are using. The Original Documentation is _________________. In the resulting PDF Options dialog, you can change any settings or just click Export. Check This Out it was accessed variously by LO master, 3.5, 3.4 builds, often crashing, and lives on /tmp so probably has files deleted from it at random as well...) Comment 22 Stephan Bergmann

If the download is corrupt, visit http://download.openoffice.org/ for other download options. Subtract the number of pages that should not be counted in the page count (in this example, 1, for a title page). For you it probably makes more sense to handle the individual tasks.

Look at both.Remove all events Please, edit this topic's initial post and add "[Solved]" to the subject line if your problem has been solved.Ubuntu 16.04, OpenOffice 4.x & LibreOffice 5.x Villeroy

How do I offset the page count? Now with the upcoming OOo 3.0 the mechanism of initialising the Basic/Dialog libraries has been changed another time. edit flag offensive delete link more add a comment 0 answered 2012-04-13 01:50:03 +0100 This post is a wiki. Click here for help how to do that.

On that basis, I'm milestoning this bug for the 8.04 release. Additionally, other problems make occur during installation. This is a red herring: the trailing slash is stripped by fileaccess::FileContentIdentifier (but we cannot rely on that, so it is a bug), so it tries to open the right file. this contact form Create a Title page style from Default or First Page.

I've deleted the .openoffice.org2 directory as per Steve's suggestion (there was no .openoffice.org directory in home) and everything seems fine again. No one other than ________________________[Insert name of the foundation, company, Initial Writer, or whoever may modify this License] has the right to modify the terms of this License. Copyright and trademark information The contents of this Documentation are subject to the Public Documentation License, Version 1.0 (the "License"); you may only use this Documentation if you comply with the DOCUMENTATION IS PROVIDED UNDER THIS LICENSE ON AN "AS IS'' BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EITHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, WARRANTIES THAT THE DOCUMENTATION IS FREE OF DEFECTS,

Go to http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/ and search All Downloads for “Windows Installer Update.” The Microsoft Installer Cleanup Utility may also be helpful. The "clean" solution is to completely removing the 1.x installation before installing the new 2.x. Comment 19 David Tardon 2012-01-24 02:47:39 EST dtardon->pahan: Yes, that might help. Hope that helps.

All sublicenses to the Documentation which are properly granted shall survive any termination of this License. by floris v » Wed Nov 02, 2011 10:36 am You're first person to make that claim.