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Oracle Error Kgxgn Aborts The Instance

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ksuitm ORA-29702 and ORA-15032 caught in ASM I Previous Results | Next Results Copyright (c) 2015, OraSites.net. Reviewing the SR and its uploads… Thank you for your patience. Yes Data corruption – physical or logical? Could you please upload the AWR reports with the 30 Minutes time frame from all the nodes and update the SR asap. http://davegaubatz.com/oracle-error/oracle-error-when.html

Make sure to follow the same pre-install steps when deinstalling a patch. Database dismounted. Please upload the OS logs that cover 17-Jun 3) please ask the storage/system administrators to review the network/storage switch logs 4) please confirm that the voting device (/dev/rlvvoting) is not located Fri Jun 17 17:28:54 2011 Submitted all GCS remote-cache requests Fix write in gcs resources Reconfiguration complete Fri Jun 17 17:28:55 2011 Errors in file /home/oracle/products/admin/oradb/udump/oradb1_ora_168214.trc: ORA-00603: ORACLE server session terminated

Start instances on node 1. 5. ASM Dependency or Runlevel IssuesNote 429603.1 ORA-29702 During Automatic Shutdown of Database using ASM4. Oracle Support Services. By design, if strictly more than half of the voting disks are up and contain consistent information, the cluster will be fine.

Link to us! 145 pages found, pages 101 to 110 ORACLE DBA: CLUSTERWARE http://oracleinstance.blogspot.de/search/label/CLUSTERWARE Similar Pages ... Shutdown instance,ASM sfc3rc2:/apps/oracle/product/10.2.0/OPatch/6270137$ sqlplus / as sysdba SQL*Plus: Release - Production on Wed Nov 14 09:51:33 2012 Copyright (c) 1982, 2007, Oracle. Run 'opatch apply /6270137' on node 1. 3. Thanks, Ragu.

Migrate the solution as appropriate to other environments. OPatch will be used on each node in the RAC system one at a time. Bug 5259835 Instance eviction not occuring (LMON unresponsive)Note 789196.1 RAC Healthy Instances May Die With Error ORA-29702 When One or More Other RAC Instances Are HungNote 788845.1 Instance Eviction is Not http://blog.itpub.net/23135684/viewspace-762653/ KGXGN Errors The first place to check for the reason for the error is the alert_.log; sometimes additional errors, such as KGXGN errors, will be signalled: Thu Mar 12 15:45:29 2009

Cluster Group Service operation? This post is to document my test with the following task regarding voting disk administration: Task - Recover from the lost of voting disks 1. Oracle DBA tips: Administration http://oradbatips.blogspot.de/search/label/Administration Similar Pages ... Run OPatch to deinstall the patch.

denix1 craborac'er , , abort, , immediate. alert.log :Thu Jan 31 17:55:24 2008Error: KGXGN aborts the instance (6)Thu Jan after that start Cluster B. ... Please download the patch from MOS and apply it. 2)Also could you check with your system admin , to check for any possible issues with the Network Interface specially the one's I am tied up with another issue right now.

some of the crs process were running and it was refusing to stop. [emailprotected]> /u01/app/crs/bin/crsctl stop crs Stopping resources. weblink My name is ragu and I will be helping you with your issue. To avoid a single point of failure, we can multiplex voting disk. Incorrectly configured private interconnect addressesNote 729564.1Cannot Start ASM Instance on 2nd NodeNote 733262.1 RAC ASM Instances Crash With ORA-29702 When Multiple ASM Instances StartedNote 752399.1Instances Abort with ORA-29702 When the Server

  • REFERENCE CODE Adapter interface name en3 Adapter offset 2 Adapter IP address ocssd.log - node2 ------------ [ CSSD]2011-06-23 00:24:56.435 [2829] >TRACE: clssgmDispatchCMXMSG(): msg type(6) src(1) dest(65535) size(352) tag(00000000) incarnation(4) [
  • This might take a while...
  • After sourcing the ORACLE_HOME environment, confirm both of these exist before continuing: - "which opatch" - "which unzip" If either of these executables do not show in

If an error occurred, the program dies, printing # the error. # sub ch ... Password (optional): Unable to establish a network connection to Oracle. LMON Timing Out Due to Initialization of GCS Resources With a Very Large Buffer CacheNote 5087787.8ORA-29702 Starting RAC with Large Buffer CacheDatabase - RAC/Scalability CommunityTo discuss this topic further with Oracle http://davegaubatz.com/oracle-error/oracle-error.html We are still waiting for OS Watcher and OS syslog, as updated in our previous update.

Oracle 技术支持 - 2011年6月19日 下午08时15分59秒 [Notes] Generic Note ---------------- Hi,

From the uploaded logs i could see the Ocssd Core Dumps please provide us the following information for further investigation and Thank you Best Regards, Kidambi Rajagopal ORACLE - Global Customer Services COM - 2011年6月25日 上午11时17分50秒 [Update from Customer] the core files update - 2011年6月25日 上午11时15分39秒 [Update from Customer] (en3 - cluster Symptom Data REPORTABLE 1 INTERNAL ERROR 0 SYMPTOM CODE PCSS/SPI2 FLDS/ocssd.bin SIG/6 FLDS/pthread_k VALU/88 LABEL: TS_LOC_DOWN_ST IDENTIFIER: 173C787F Date/Time: Thu Jun 23 00:25:37 BEIST 2011 Sequence Number: 2460 Machine Id: 0006FD7DD600

Shutdown database, ASM Patch Installation Steps: ------------------------- 1.

trc: ORA-29746: Cluster Synchronization Service is being shut down. Details in /u01/app/oracle/product/10.2.0/crs_1 /log/rac1/cssd/ocssd.log. 2010-05-07 17:01:49.730 [cssd(15383)]CRS-1604:CSSD voting file is offline: /dev/raw/raw6. If we have 3 nodes, presumably to the voting disk each node will write message as follows: Node 1 writes : I can see Node 2 & 3 Node 2 writes Did not receive valid message.

Please upload - OS Watcher that cover the eviction. Therefore, some of the nodes must go offline. Update patch Readme ========================================================================= Interim Patch for Base Bug: 6270137 ========================================================================= Date: Tue May 4 02:50:42 2010 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Platform Patch for : AIX5L Product Patched : ORCL_PF Product http://davegaubatz.com/oracle-error/oracle-error-key-xe-reg.html Oracle requires that all customers have at least Perl 5.00503 installed and configured for patching activities inside the ORACLE_HOME.

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