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ORA-00163: internal database name length string is greater than maximum (string) Cause: An internal database name with a too large length field was passed in. Specify a valid log sequence number. Action: Restore the log file. That is, all the files must be for the same database and from the same time period. this contact form

Action: Use a consistant set of control files, datafiles/logfiles, and redo log files. Action: Use a correct version of the convert file or regenerate it with the migration utility. Action: Increase the value of the TEMPORARY_TABLE_LOCKS initialization parameter and warm start. ORA-00077: dump string is not valid Cause: An attempt was made to invoke an invalid dump.

Oracle Error Codes List With Description

Action: Check if the disk is online, if it is not, bring it online and try a warm start again. ORA-00204: error in reading (block string, # blocks string) of control file Cause: A disk I/O failure was detected on reading the control file. ORA-00339: archived log does not contain any redo Cause: The archived log is not the correct log.

  1. Action: Increase the value of the ENQUEUES initialization parameter.
  2. ORA-00087: command cannot be executed on remote instance Cause: Cluster database command issued for non cluster database ORADEBUG command.
  3. See the associated messages for the appropriate action to take.
  4. Then, retry the ALTER SYSTEM command using a different string.
  5. Perhaps try to use the NEXT option for archiving logs.
  6. ORA-00080: invalid global area specified by level string Cause: An attempt was made to dump an invalid global area.
  7. ORA-00032: invalid session migration password Cause: The session migration password specified in a session creation call was invalid (probably too long).

ORA-00028: your session has been killed Cause: A privileged user has killed your session and you are no longer logged on to the database. ORA-00025: failed to allocate string Cause: Out of memory. Action: Specify the correct redo log file, then retry the operation. Oracle Error Handling ORA-00089: invalid instance number in ORADEBUG command Cause: An invalid instance number was specified in a cluster database ORADEBUG command.

This is only includes the ORA- prefix error codes: ORA-00056 ORA-00057 ORA-00058 ORA-00059 ORA-00060 ORA-00061 ORA-00062 ORA-00063 ORA-00064 ORA-00065 ORA-00066 ORA-00067 ORA-00068 ORA-00069 ORA-00070 ORA-00071 ORA-00072 ORA-00073 ORA-00074 ORA-00075 Oracle Error Codes And Solution Pdf Action: Restore accessibility to file, or restore file from backup. Action: Re-enter the command with a numeric argument specifying the degree of parallelism desired. ORA-00059: maximum number of DB_FILES exceeded Cause: The value of the DB_FILES initialization parameter was exceeded.

ORA-00072: process "string" is not active Cause: An invalid process was specified. Ora Error 12154 Action: Specify a name for the snapshot control file by calling cfileSetSnapshotName. ERROR The requested URL could not be retrieved The following error was encountered while trying to retrieve the URL: Connection to failed. Action: Mount a current control file and retry the operation.

Oracle Error Codes And Solution Pdf

This means it will be killed as soon as possible after its current uninterruptable operation is done. ORA-00271: there are no logs that need archiving Cause: An attempt was made to archive the unarchived redo log files manually, but there are no files that need to be archived. Oracle Error Codes List With Description ORA-00283: recovery session canceled due to errors Cause: An error during recovery was determined to be fatal enough to end the current recovery session. Oracle Error Codes Table ORA-00281: media recovery may not be performed using dispatcher Cause: An attempt was made to use a dispatcher process for media recovery.

All other logs for the thread need to be archived, or cleared, and cannot be reused. http://davegaubatz.com/oracle-error/oracle-error.html ORA-00079: variable string not found Cause: An attempt was made to dump a variable that does not exist. See attached errors for the reason the switch cannot be completed. This will make any existing backups useless for recovery to any time after the log was created, but will allow the database to generate redo. Oracle Error Sqlcode

This redirect page requires JavaScript. Otherwise, use the CREATE CONTROLFILE script dumped to the trace file to create a new control file. Action: Check to make sure the control file exists and is not locked by some other program. http://davegaubatz.com/oracle-error/oracle-error-key-xe-reg.html Action: Use a valid session ID.

Action: Check if the application is connected to an Oracle 7.3 server. Oracle Sqlcode Values ORA-00070: Command string is not valid ORA-00071: Process number must be between 1 and string ORA-00072: Process "string" is not active ORA-00073: Command string takes between string and string ... ORA-00208: number of control file names exceeds limit of string Cause: An attempt was made to use more control files than Oracle supports.

ORA-00125: connection refused; invalid presentation Cause: The PRESENTATION in the CONNECT_DATA of the TNS address DESCRIPTION is not correct or is not supported.

Action: More specific messages will accompany this message. Retry the command after correcting the error. ORA-00088: command cannot be executed by shared server Cause: Debug command issued on shared server. Ora Errors And Solutions ORA-00084: global area must be PGA, SGA, or UGA Cause: An attempt was made to dump an invalid global area.

Action: Make sure the initialization parameter is in the correct date format. Temporary tables are often created by large sorts. Action: Specify a valid process. http://davegaubatz.com/oracle-error/oracle-error-when.html ORA-00051: timeout occurred while waiting for a resource Cause: Usually due to a dead instance.

Action: Refer to the manual for correct syntax. Type HELP to see the list of commands and their syntax. Action: Contact the transaction monitor customer support. ORA-00310: archived log contains sequence string; sequence string required Cause: The archived log is out of sequence, probably because it is corrupted or the wrong redo log filename was specified Action:

ORA-00110: invalid value string for attribute string, must be between string and string Cause: The value specified for the attribute was incorrect. Reduce the number of control files specified in the CONTROL_FILES parameter in the initialization parameter file, and restart Oracle. ORA-00218: block size string of control file "string" does not match DB_BLOCK_SIZE (string) Cause: The block size as stored in the control file header is different from the value of the The most likely cause of this message is the destination device is out of space to store the redo log file.

Action: Get a complete version of this log and use it for recovery. Action: Continue media recovery, but do not enter a new log name.