Best Belly Band Holster Review

The best belly band holster will continue to keep your handgun safe and hidden beneath your top that will help you deal with hazardous situations. These models are soft and comfy to wear directly from the skin, and they come in various sizes which will fit most shooters. The holsters we review in this essay are versatile and they’ll fit most pistol versions. However, certain pistol models may be too big to fit comfortably in concealed carry holsters. If that is the case, we recommend choosing a shoulder holster instead.

In the subsequent article, we take a peek at the most comfortable belly band holsters available on the industry and we reveal their pros and cons.


comforttac ultimate belly holster


The ComforTac gut ring is a one size fits all holster. This holster is made out of neoprene and it will fit anyone who has a belly that measures up to 44″. The neoprene is tightly-woven, which makes it soft and comfortable enough to wear directly contrary to the skin without scratching you.

comforttac ultimate belly holster
Among the things we liked about this model is that it’s versatile. You can use the belly band within your waistband or out of your trousers, and you can set the holster so you can cross draw, put it behind your cool, in the twelve o’clock position, or on the small of your back. This belly band is available in the left or right-hand draw.


Useless Mag Pouch: The mag pouch is futile, and the mags will slide and fall out of it once you move.


The BravoBelt ring holster will fit all sizes up to a 44″ waist. This version has a comfortable design that molds to your body so it is possible to hide carry your handgun daily without it interfering with your moves.


We were impressed by the holster’s snug design. Once you set up the band in your waist, it will keep your handgun near your body, making it quite easy to hide and most comfortable belly band holster .

Another fantastic thing about this model is that it also offers extra storage space beside holding your handgun. You can easily save extra publications, keys, cash, or even a cellphone whilst using this model.

Pro Good Storage Space — This version allows you to save more than your gun


The For Way belly band holster has an intriguing design and comes in a great price. This holster is especially designed to fit within your waistband, but you could also take it over your trousers or your belly if you would like to. When you wear it in the waistband, the holster stays low on your hips for a more comfortable carry. four eay belly band holster is best belly band holster.

Among the things we enjoyed about this model is that it is designed to operate with both a left and a right-handed shot. The holster pocket is spacious enough to fit most pistols, such as semis and even revolvers.

best belly band holster review
most comfortable belly band holster


Breathable Substance — This gut ring is made out of a breathable material that will allow you to wear it for a very long time without distress.

No Space For Mags — This belly band holster Includes open-ended pouches that will not hold mags safely, so it’s just as effective as a ankle holster


The Lively Pro Gear is a cozy belly band holster that comes in a number of sizes that can accommodate many people. The holster has a layout that is spacious enough to fit most pistols, from big framed semis and revolvers to compact and subcompact ones.

We really liked this holster’s fat distribution. The belly band distributes the weight of the gun on its whole length, making it comfortable to take your rifle for long periods of time.

The band is made out of a breathable elastic fabric that will feel soft against your skin. The Velcro endings are lasting and strong, and they’ll encourage a lot of weight with no issue.


Fits A Full-Sized Gun — The holster is large enough to fit a full-sized gun

Tough To Maneuver With One Hand — The holster is cozy and comfy, but it can Be Hard to draw your gun without a Great Deal of exercise


The Defensive Gear holster is a 1 size fits all concealed carry solution that comes at an accessible price. This version is created from a stretchable neoprene material that is soft enough to feel comfortable against your skin. The belly band will fit anyone that has a stomach of up to 47″.

We really liked this holster’s construction. The holster is lightweight and it’s made out of a durable neoprene that will withstand moisture and sunlight exposure, letting you take it at the open if you would like to.

This holster comes with snap buttons that keep your rifle and ammunition protected. The magazine pouches include retention straps that will keep the mags from sliding out as you proceed.

Safe: The retention straps will keep your ammunition from slipping out of the pouch


Gets Warm — Even though the stomach holster should have the ability to withstand sun exposure, it will get warm and uncomfortable in the summer.


The Concealed Carrier elastic gun holster is among the most popular belly holster models currently available, as it comes at a good price. This model comes in two versions, one per hand orientation. The belly band is created out of high-quality neoprene that can fit any waist up[ to 44″.

One of the things we enjoyed about this version is that it has a really snug design. This layout will let you conceal the holster and your handgun with minimal attempts, and you will have the ability to hide the gun under shirts, T-shirts, as well as sports outfits.


Safe — This model includes a retention strap which will keep your handgun safe and secure at all times.

Drawing Needs Exercise — you’ll need to practice your draw if you would like to use this holster with good results.


The FiftyBazz belly holster is a great concealed carry option that comes at an affordable price. This model has a flexible design that will fit most handguns, from revolvers to compact, subcompact, as well as full-sized pistols. Fiftybazz is the best belly band holster.

Among the things we liked about this version is that it offers a good storage space. The holster will adapt a spare magazine, but you may also save a pepper spray or a flashlight in it if you would like to.

The storage pouch is removable, so you can take it off if you don’t intend to use it, so the band will be a lot easier to hide.


Low Profile — This holster has a low profile, so you can easily hide it under a shirt or a coat

Strap Could Be Longer — This holster comes with a thumb-break grip that will keep your gun safe. On the other hand, the strap is too short to accommodate some handguns.


UNDERTECH UNDERCOVER BELLY BAND HOLSTERThe UnderTech UnderCover belly band is a comfy and versatile hidden carry solution. This holster comes in different sizes, so it is going to accommodate many shooters, no matter how small or large the stomach is.

A great thing about this model is it can fit most handguns as it comes with two pistol slots. One of the slots is especially designed to fit revolvers, while the other is designed for automatic pistols. The holster comes with an ambidextrous design. You are able to draw your gun with hand, and you’re able to conceal the holster easily under a shirt or T-shirt because of its cozy design.


Multiple Sizes — This holster comes in a variety of sizes, and that makes it suitable for both petite and massive physiques.

Sizes Are Generous — The holster’s dimensions are generous, so Make Certain you correctly measure your stomach and compare the dimension with the producer’s sizes before ordering


The Fullmosa waistband holster is a great concealed carry option for people who like to have their handgun and some accessories close at hand at all times. This holster comes in multiple dimensions that will accommodate many shooters, and it’ll match most handgun models. The waistband comes with three pistol holsters. Among the holsters is placed on the left, one on the right, and the third one on the back, so you can use the one which matches your flavor taste.

Beside the handgun, this version can fit up to 4 novels. There are just two mag pouches on each of its sides, and the ring also will come with a little pocket for money and four accessories pockets that can match flashlights or pepper sprays.


Great Value — This holster offers a great value for its cost


Substance isn’t Breathable — The stomach band is created out of a non-breathable material that may get uncomfortable throughout the warm season.


The Lirisy belly band holster is a good model which has a 1 size fits all design. This band will match all shooters have bellies up to 45″ in circumference. The ring is created from an elastic neoprene which allows your skin to breathe and it’s soft enough to wear straight from the skin.

One of the things we liked about this version is that it includes a fixed and a removable pouch. This will offer you the chance to put away an extra ammo mag in the holster, but you may also use the pouches to store a little flashlight, some cash, or other valuables.


Ambidextrous Design — This model has an ambidextrous design, therefore it can be used by both left handed and right-handed individuals.

ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Holster Neoprene ONE SIZE FITS ALL HOLSTER / CARRY IN ANY POSITION
BravoBelt Belly Band Holster Neoprene Dual Magazine Pouches Cell Phone Pouch Secure “SNAP” Retention System
Four Way Belly Band Holster Breathable material Countless positions all in one Superior holster ‘pockets’
Active Pro Gear Belly Band Holster Breathable elastic fabric FAST DRAW POSITION ANYWHERE
Defensive Gear Belly Holster Stretchable neoprene material Reliable Gun Retention Comes with snap buttons
Concealed Carrier Elastic Gun Holster High-quality neoprene HOLDS ANY SIZE PISTOL EXTRA POUCH
FiftyBazz Elastic Waist Band High-quality neoprene Ventilated and durable Suitable for extended use.
UnderTech UnderCover Belly Band Holster Heavy duty elastic with a velcro closure Can fit most handguns and it comes with two pistol slots
Fullmosa Waistband Holster Elastic mesh material Comes with three pistol holsters Can fit up to 4 magazines
Lirisy Belly Band Holster Elastic neoprene Ambidextrous design Fixed magazine pocket & extra movable pouch

Sizes Run Small: The band’s sizes run small, so you should measure your belly and compare it to the producer’s sizes before ordering.

As you could see, best belly band holster versions can accommodate your handgun and a few useful accessories besides. This leaves them more flexible than other hidden carry processes without making them obvious to other people.

But you need to check your concealed carry state legislation to be certain the model you decide on respects legal bounds. Once you’re certain it does, all that remains is to assess if your personal carry option fits in the holster and in the event the holster fits around your midsection.

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