Best Gun cleaning solvent Review

Best Gun Cleaning Solvent: There are a lot of questions sent to utilize regarding what we think the best gun cleaning solvents are. In this review, we’ll take a look at the most well-known options employed by the pros. The huge majority of gun cleaning kits do not include a gun cleaning solvent, and that means you will have to purchase this separately from gun cleaning supplies.

When searching at gun cleaning solvents you want to consider several significant factors. A quick clean using a bore snake is only going to demand a dab of CLP to wash your firearm. However, doing a full clean will call for unique cleaners and oils and we will insure the best gun cleaner lubricants and guards and you’ll find out why they would be the best.

If you’re using a bore spider apparel you’ll discover that it comes with these two cleaning solvents. If you are not using a bore snake and then purchase a gun cleaning kit you’re likely to have to purchase both of these solvents separately.

Best Gun Cleaner | Best Gun Cleaning Solvent Review

Why is Hoppe’s known as the top bore cleaner?

Many folks like to use gun cleaning solvent this along with a CLP to clean their firearms. Many individuals just use this solvent, instead of utilizing a CLP and find it works just as well. We’ve used several different CLPs over the last few years and by far, Hoppe’s is your best bore cleaner which has been the best for over 100 decades.

One of my favorite things about this particular bore cleaner is your smell. It’s probably one of my favourite smelling oils of all of the cleaning products on this list.

The main usage for the Hoppe’s bore cleaner would be to utilize with a boresnake. Boresnakes are not included in gun cleaning kits but they are vital for cleaning your gun quickly. After you fire your gun you should use a boresnake with some of Hoppe’s bore cleaner.

This is called a quick clean and only takes about a minute.

Through time we have tested just about every CLP trying to find the best gun cleaner spray and many people swear by the Break Free CLP and say that it is the best gun cleaning aerosol spray they have ever employed.

It has been a VERY popular choice for decades and there were nothing but  positive reviews about gun cleaning solvent. In reality, it’s the most popular CLP used by the US Army to clean all rifles, pistols, and even tanks!

Many people prefer the aerosol spay using the little straw on the conclusion, to target person stains. This CLP includes a very large weather tolerance and works in all states, which is probably why it’s become so common.

This lube cleans like nothing I’ve ever used and smells great. What used to take me 10 minutes along with different solvents, takes roughly half the time with this CLP.

It works perfectly with bore snakes or on brushes for a full clean. If your guns have a reputation for pulling dust, like mine are all, these this solvent is a wonder worker. It stops dust and at precisely the same time cleans and lubes all in one pass.


No unpleasant smelling chemicals that will not damage the blueing and finish of your well-loved firearms. Non-Hazardous, biodegradable and non-toxic, which means that you can feel great that cleaning your firearms is not damaging our environment.
Regular CLPs oil may bring dust and sand. With this in mind we went to work on the best CLP to come to the marketplace that considerably reduces adhesion of debris into your firearms surface. Our CLP provides working components of the firearm enhanced heat dissipation resulting in cooler weapon operation temperatures.

It’s a tough choice between the Break Free and Ballistol to your name of best gun cleaner spray. Both are comparable and have been utilized by many for decades. The Ballistol multipurpose gun gun cleaner was first developed for the German Army over 100 years back by German scientists, Ballistol may be the best gun cleaning solvent ever designed.

People using this vow by it and claim that this solvent is the best gun cleaner spray and worth its weight in gold. Many people not just use this for their guns but for cleaning and protecting their boots, knives, instances, packs, clothing, engines, wheels, etc.. It is made to be non-toxic and contains a great earthy smell that is extremely enjoyable.

A good buddy of mine uses this and he says it is the very best gun cleaner spray which you can locate.

Many people who I have seen in videos also say this and the key recipe seems to only be employed by Ballistol, originally employed by the German scientists.


While browsing for the best gun lubricant and cleaner found many that didn’t live up to the expectations of their gun owners. So what are they saying you might be thinking?

The excellent thing about the Slip 2000 is it’s rated for extreme weather conditions, which makes it the ideal alternative if you’re likely to be in very cold or cold climates. Other CLPs don’t work too in extreme cold along with the aerosol canisters may not function properly. When the weather is too cold the solvent will turn into goo and become almost impossible to clean.

We always try to ask different shooters what cleaning kits and lubricants they enjoy the most. We were amazed to discover that a lot of them are turning to this specific lubricant and just this lubricant.

We’ve seen many youtube videos regarding gun cleaning kits, cleaning guides and CLP guides and the 1 lubricant that keeps popping up from a number of the highest gun educators is this one.


This lube remains wet 5 times more than any other traditional lubricant. Reduces friction and wear
shield against corrosion and will not attract dust, dirt or sand and operates in all types of surroundings
won’t burn like a oil products and is safe to use on wood, metal, plastic components
doesn’t permit carbon, copper, lead and plastic to stick and will decrease cleanup time by 50 percent
Non-Toxic and Non-hazardous. Developed with your own health, safety and the environment in mind

Lucas Gun Cleaner Odorless CLP

Lucas gun oil is the popular option for many hunters because it is odorless. This oil was developed to preventing jamming and over-heating in big high-caliber rifles and machine guns. All it takes is a couple of drops on the bolt of your pistol or rifle and you’re ready to go. Like most CLPs you don’t require a good deal and just one little bottle can last a long time.

A very cheap option for any gun operator, be sure to be aware this is not a CLP and should only be used for lubricating your guns after you are done using your CLP to clean. It serves as a lubricant and protector also a gun cleaner, thus a favorite solution is to use the Hoppe’s for cleansing and the Lucas Oil to your next portion of your own cleaning.

Excellent for long term storage
Use on fishing reels
Excellent household oil

M-Pro7 Best Gun Cleaning Oil

We’ve gotten a lot of questions regarding which gun cleaner & Gun oil is the best gun cleaning oil out there. Many people adore M-Pro goods and use this solvent along with the M-Pro bore snake. I’ve been using their oil and the protector for a couple of years and they are one of my favorite. Made to work in all-weather states this oil is a favorite for many. It acts as a lubricant and shield, so you will need a separate cleaner.

M-Pro7 – Best Gun Cleaning Oil
M-Pro7 – Best Gun Cleaning Oil

A few people who I’ve talked to who’ve tried this didn’t enjoy the bottle it comes in.

Perhaps gun cleaning supplies need to have tightened it better but that is not really a danger I wish to take. Aside from the quality of the plastic jar this is some amazing LP.

M-Pro7 070-1453 4oz 7 lpx gun oil
Product: jar
Produced by M-Pro7
Cleaner — Lubricant — Protectant

Hoppe’s No. 9 Best Gun Cleaner Lubricant

This can be Amazons #1 Pick for your finest gun cleaner lubricant, thus we must include it to the list. A very popular option, in a totally designed bottle with tight child proof lid. One of the most common CLP combos is this along with the Hoppe’s No. 9 Gun Bore Cleaner and also the Silk Swabs with Wooden Handles (Pack of 100). This is by far the hottest CLP we’ve observed in our years of gun cleaning.

Hoppers gun cleaning solvent

Why is this one so common? Hoppe’s has been around for a lengthy period and have developed a massive assortment of different Gun cleaning solvent that you may find on their website. They’re a trustworthy brand and their products are really some of the very best, particularly their bore cleaning and lubricating oils.

Many lubricants are non-synthetic making them somewhat different from this . A lot of people swear by this artificial compound that has been a favorite Hoppe’s merchandise for more than a century. They have been improving and testing the chemical for a long time and it really is among the best lubricants and protectants.

  1. A complex oil especially designed for the contemporary firearm
  2. Provides a barrier against moisture and rust
  3. Also works good on fishing reels and other mechanisms
  4. Superior lubrication and protection to all aspects of your firearm decreasing the wear and tear caused by friction
  5. Manufactured in the USA

When storing your firearm after cleansing you want to use the finest gun grease to conserve it for a long time. When you purchase a new firearm often times you’ll find it includes a light coat of grease on each of the metal parts.

This will help to prevent corrosion that can build up while on the shelf in the shop. If the gun is in the first box you are able to assume it’s been greased from the manufacturer. Most gun shops will reduce the gun before selling it.

The point I’m trying to make here is that spyware is intended to safeguard your gun for long term storage. The Tetra grease is colorless and is meant to rub onto your rifle until you store it away. It has a powerful odor however the little will fade in approximately 24 hours.

This grease is largely intended to be rubbed onto firearms which will be kept for long intervals. The main reason why oils aren’t recommended is that over time oil will start to evaporate or harden which is going to end up damaging your firearm over time.

With dirt, you won’t have this problem and it might stay perfectly oiled for many years. However, as soon as you wait to use the gun it is suggested to take out the grease and give it a good wash with a CLP.

Things to Consider: When using a gun cleaning solvent

As soon as it is not very tough to select a fantastic cleaning solvent, there are so many to choose from that it can be perplexing. We expect that our Top 10 List answers the majority of the usual questions however we wanted to give a few other tips and tricks when it comes to deciding on the best gun cleaning solvent.

Secure your Firearm While cleaning the firearm, you need to be using a good gun vise to secure it. As soon as it’s not entirely necessary, it is going to help keep you from scratching the inside of the barrel and damaging other parts of your firearms.

  • Do not make the mistake of employing a traditional bench vise, as this can EASILY damage your guns.
  • Using a good gun cleaning mat may also help you to save your own surfaces.
  • If you escape CLP all on your wooden table you may discover that it’s pretty difficult to get it off.

Anything to cover your expensive surfaces is almost always a good idea. It is simple to create DIY gun mat for a couple bucks and can end up saving you a little time and money when that jar of CLP tips over and spills anywhere.

Do not allow it to Leak! Always check to be sure that the cap is on additional tight. A lot of people frequently complain to me about their CLP leaking all over their gear and it might ruin it since it’s hard to get out. This can simply be avoided by tightening the lid making sure the jar isn’t upside down once you pack it off.


Utilize some plastic bottles that do not leak and label them. I love to do this as it’s possible to store several smaller cleanup detergent bottles in one storage container.

If you plan to take your solvents with you when you begin shooting, you should always keep them in a good gun cleaning box. This may be something as simple as a tackle box or your gun cleaning kit bag. Many solvents have been known to flow, which is why it’s important to keep them separate from your every-day gear.

How’s the Weather?Among the biggest things to think about with CLPs is your climate. If you carry across an aerosol spray into the freezing cold, then you may end up with a few freezing problems.

The type of CLP you use should be appropriate to the climate you’ll be shooting in. The majority of all solvents listed on this page work in extreme weather requirements although not all them are created for this, so be sure to double-check.

Types of Firearms Various solvents are created for different guns. If you are cleaning a classic black powder pistol worth $5,000 then you might want to pay extra close attention to your solvents.

The majority of those flashlights are created for average modern firearms. However, they will work for older guns and you should not have much to worry about. You wish to protect your gun from the components and make sure it will fire if you want it to. Here is the purpose of a gun cleaning solvent. Some solvents are much better than others and some are designed to perform specific things.

We attempt to offer a little bit about each various solvent, so that you can make an informed decision. While we’ve are personal preferred solvents, we do not want this to reflect your decision procedure because there are so many out there I have not had a opportunity to try all of them.

Keeping your firearm clean with a good cleaning solvent (CLP) is most probably the best thing you can do. As well as taking the time to utilize a proper gun cleaning kit to clean it on a regular basis.

You have to stop moisture buildup and condensation. Any water left in your gun is a very bad idea and can quickly ruin it.

We took a vote at a gun club I belong to and this is the outcome. The overwhelming bulk of our members have been utilizing the Hoppe’s Bore Cleaner for a number of years have become very attached to it.

While it ought to be used in combination with other gun cleaning solvent, since it is not technically a CLP — It is the best bore cleaner. But, it is only a Cleaner rather than a Lubricator or Protector. I have known a few people who use it like a CLP and their guns are just fine but I love to use the aerosol sprays.

Break Free is my own choice and now I have been using it for many years and it has never failed me. One small can of this substance can last you about 2 years and it’s among the best aerosol CLP sprays on the market, hands down.


Don’t just go with the big name brand products and hope for the best since there are new products coming out all of the time that are utilizing new technology. We expect that be studying this list of gun cleaning solvents you learned a thing or two. We learned That There’s no all in one best gun cleaning solvent and also you may need to use several solvents to keep your firearms clean Depending upon Your requirement.

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