Best Laser Bore Sights Review

Zeroing your firearms can be a tedious process if you are not utilizing a laser bore sighter. These components can allow you to zero any sort of Laser bore sights or optics systems without wasting bullets, and they can boost your rifle’s precision. But did you know a laser bore sighters may be used on various caliber guns? In the following article, we present the best laser bore sighter models of 2019. The units we now included on our list offer a reliable solution to improve your gun’s precision, Here we will review best bore sight and they’ll turn out to be valuable additions to your kit.

Further, in the article, we explain how all the Laser sighter’s attributes can influence your shooting experience, so that you can decide which version is the perfect one for your requirements.




The Wheeler bore sight uses an extremely visible green laser bore sights along with a solid magnetic connection to the barrel to provide a trusted bore sighting. Thanks to its measurements, this laser bore sighter is suitable for all types of guns, from handguns to shotguns and rifles.

One of the benefits of employing this bore sighter is that it uses a very powerful magnetic connection to align itself to the end of the muzzle. This will allow you to make precise alignments without risking to damage your guns. The Laser bore sight is made of machined Aluminum and it has a rubber-coated housing that contains the laser bore sights module. Each unit is pre-calibrated, so you will be able to use them directly from the box.

best laser bore sight review
best laser bore sight review

Another good thing about this version is that it uses a visible green laser. The laser bore sights could be viewed both during the day and at night, and you can also spot it at distances of 100 yards or longer on reflective goals. Overall, this is an excellent universal bore sighter which arrives at a nice price.


This device uses a red laser that is clearly visible during the night and day. One of the best things about using this model is that it includes a lifetime guarantee. Not only will this guarantee the simple fact that you’ll get a replacement if your device is faulty, but it is also a sign of the company’s confidence in this product.

This version employs a class III laser that has a power output lower than 5.0mW. The laser is red, and you shouldn’t have any problems spotting it in good shooting conditions. Furthermore, this unit includes a compatible phone app which will permit you to print out a zeroing goal built around the kind of ammo you are using on a particular gun. This will allow you to zero your firearm having a fantastic precision without wasting time and saving ammunition.

Overall, this is a really best laser bore sighter that provides a great price, particularly if you factor in its price.


The Okeba boresight is the sole cheap unit that is good enough to make our record. While this model doesn’t include all the bells and whistles of other versions, you may still use it in your guns with great results.

This bore sighter is acceptable for handguns and rifles with 0.22 into 0.5 cal. The device comes with 4 volt screws, two batteries, and a screwdriver, and that means you can use it directly from the box.

One of the excellent things about this model is that it comes with a visible laser. The class III laser is red, and it can be clearly visible from around 300 yards if you use reflective goals. If you are organizing the best laser bore sighter at non-reflective targets, you should be able to see it clearly from 100 yards or more in good shooting conditions.

Overall, though it’s cheap, this model is best laser bore sighter  sturdy and well-made. This thing ought to be considered by anybody who wants to buy a bore sighter and has a limited budget.


The Sightmark universal bore sighter includes a simple, yet powerful design. Rather than utilizing different adapters to fit barrels of various calibers, this unit can only accommodate the laser to centre down any type of bore.

Among the benefits of working with this version is that it is versatile. Rather than having to carry different screws, screws, and screwdrivers each time you need to in your firearms, you may simply use this unit.

The bore sighter uses a red laser which will show you precisely where you’re organizing your firearm, and you won’t need to fire a single bullet to zero in your landscapes. Obviously, you might want to make modest adjustments after using this unit, to compensate for the bullet fall and some other environmental aspects.

Another fantastic thing about using this model is that it includes a limited lifetime warranty. This ensures the fact that you may use the device for a long time, and it’s a very great feature, particularly if you factor in the device’s cost.

Overall this is a very good universal bore sighter, appropriate for both skilled and amateur shooters.


The SL-500 uses a bright green laser and its own battery may last for up to 15 hours of continuous use.

One of the good things about using this model is that it comes with a ballistic targeting software that can create a custom made boresighting goal in accordance with your firearm version and type, in addition to the ammunition you’re using.

Another fantastic thing is the SL-500 uses a powerful magnet to stay exactly in the middle of your firearm’s bore. This permits you to inaccurately and create all the needed alterations to your sights and scopes.

The SL-500 comes with an extremely visible green laser, and you will be able to view it clearly both during the daytime and in the dark. The lifetime warranty will let you use the bore sighter for a lengthy period, and its versatility makes it ideal for many types of firearms.


The LaserLyte bore sighter includes 4 distinct adapters that make it appropriate for all calibers involving.22 -50. This version uses a class III red laser to show you where you’re aiming, and you can use it to zero in your iron sights, scopes, and red dot sights.

Among the greatest things about the LaserLyte is that it’s quite easy to use. You just have to find the right adapter to your firearm, attach the sighter into the barrel, and turn on the laser. This will give you a clear view of where your firearm is actually aiming, and it will make it possible for you to create the necessary alterations and zero in your sights.

Using this model is simple and straightforward, but it’s also economical. You can zero in your sights or optics using only two or three bullets, so you can actually save money in the process.

Overall, the LaserLyte is an efficient bore sighter which arrives at a nice price.


The Sightmark rifle boresights are specially designed to offer a precise determination of where your rifle is really aiming. This laser sight is only suitable for a couple of calibers, but exactly what this version lacks in versatility, it increases in precision.

These boresights are made to mimic the precise measurements of the actual cartridge of the same caliber, and they will slide into the room, letting you see where your rifle is aiming.

Since these boresights look and feel just like the real capsules, you won’t have to accommodate them or change them to match your firearm. You can begin using them as soon as you take them out of this box, and they’ll help with zeroing on your rifle.

The boresights use a red laser to demonstrate where you are planning, and you need to be able to place the laser out of up to 100 yards if you point it in a reflective target, also out of approximately 40 -50 yards if you use regular aims.

Even though these sights do not give the exact same versatility as the other models, they are exact, dependable, and easy to use. TAs you could see from our brief reviews, bore sighters come in various shapes and sizes. Even though they are utilized to provide exactly the very same outcomes, they use different features to do it. This is why finding the best laser bore sighter might be more challenging to do than you’d anticipate.

In the subsequent section, we take a look at the way the features and characteristics of a bore sighter can affect your experience, and we explain how to get the right model for your needs.

The kind of laser the bore sighter comes with is really significant in the way you can use the unit. Not all of the lasers manufacturers utilize are exactly the same, and a few are better than others. Here are some characteristics you should look for.

Laser Class: The course of this laser is one way of determining its quality. Most bore sighters come with category III lasers, but there are a number of versions that use better ones. The class of the laser affects the laser visibility, and the lower the laser course, the more visible the laser is. Higher class lasers are also more likely to be harmful for your eyesight, but class III lasers are considered safe. As a rule of thumb, you will be able to observe the green lasers better than the red ones. For starters, green lasers are frequently more effective, whether they are in a different class or because they are running on various wavelengths. Another reason why green lasers appear more visible to us is that our eyes are capable of seeing the various nuances of green better than they do red. Employing a green bore sighter will permit you to
zero in your sights and optics over longer distances (you will need a rangefinder too ).

Laser Brightness: Even if they belong in the exact same class, some lasers are somewhat dimmer than others. It’s best to locate a bright laser because that will permit you to zero in your guns in broad daylight. Otherwise, you will either need to zero in your sights indoors, or you have to await a clouded day or for the evening to come before beginning.
As you can see from our testimonials, some laser bore sighters may be used for much more calibers, while others may be used for a single standard. Here are some of the differences you’ll find when using the two varieties of sights.

More Calibers: The units which can be used for much more calibers usually use different adapters to fit on the firearm’s barrel. These adapters need to be changed each time that you wish to utilize the sighter on a different firearm, but luckily, they are not difficult to change. The bore sighter will come with all the gear you will have to alter the adapter, which in most cases be a single screwdriver.
Although these models are often precise and dependable, their design might not be compatible with muzzle breakers or flash hiders, so you may have some issues adapting them on all your rifles.

On the flip side, every time you need to change the adapter, you will need to take care to unscrew the adapter that is currently in use and mount another one in its place. This is accomplished by putting the adapter on the sighter using a screw. Obviously, this May Be difficult to do in the area, especially if you’re using the sighter at dawn or in the day light Once the laser is more observable

But, there are some flexible units that could fit on multiple caliber rifles without needing to use screws. Models like the Sightmark Universal Bore Sight utilize a magnetic platform to attach themselves into the rifle’s barrel. This will allow you to zero in the sights of different firearms without having to deal with the screws and adapters.

Single Caliber — Single caliber laser bore sighters have the benefit of being very user friendly. Since they’re not likely to be employed on various caliber firearms, they don’t come with screws and screws, and you may use them once you open the box.
There are two sorts of single grade bore sighters. Some of them attach themselves to your firearm’s barrel, the same as the versatile versions. They either use a magnetic platform or simply slide in the barrel with no problems. Other models, such as the Sightmark Rifle Boresight, are made to mimic the actual cartridges. These components may be packed into your rifle’s chamber, and they’ll show you exactly where the rifle is aiming.

Both these layouts are simple to use, and they may be extremely precise.

Just like with every other product on the market, laser bore sighters come in different price ranges. And as most of them do similar things, you may be wondering exactly what the price differences are about. Well, let’s take a peek at how the price affects the performance in regards to laser bore sighters.

Cheap Models:- These models typically use class 3B lasers. When these lasers are deemed secure, they’re right on border of the safelight spectrum, therefore it’s advisable to avoid staring straight at them. If they’re made to be utilized on a single caliberthey have a simple design that makes them more efficient, despite their reduced cost.
While this is a disadvantage, you will still be able to use them with great results indoors or when the light is dim.

If they have a flexible design, and you’ll be able to use them on several calibers, they generally arrive with screw-in adapters. This makes them difficult to accommodate to the area, but they can be efficient, nonetheless.

Medium-Priced Models:- Medium-priced versions usually utilize better lasers compared to the cheap ones. The lasers they use are not only safer, but they’re even more power-efficient, so their batteries will last for quite a while.
Even though they use a red light, the laser is brighter, so you’ll have the ability to see it from a larger distance. Should they have a versatile design, they may come with ingenious magnetic or adapters platforms that will allow you to use them on various models without too much trouble. If they’re developed for a single standard, they’re highly accurate.

High-Priced Models:- These versions usually use a green laser light, so they’re easier to spot in all kinds of lighting conditions. They are usually versatile, so you can use them on multiple guns. Though they’re versatile, they include magnetic platforms that allow you to use them in the area without a lot of fuss.
This is especially useful when you have several guns that use various scopes and sights you rotate during the year. Additionally, this can be very helpful if you’re a professional or amateur gunsmith, since it will lower the device’s maintenance. His makes them quite valuable, particularly since they come at a fantastic price.


Now that you know how each characteristic can influence your expertise and you can choose the ideal model for your requirements, let us take a peek at how to use a laser bore sighter.

  1. Upload your weapon and set up a bipod or a sack of sand at a particular distance from the goal
  2. Install the bore sighter and zero the crosshairs or optics on the laser
  3. Remove the bore sighter, load the weapon, and fire one round aiming in the middle of the target
  4. Unload the gun and install the bore sigher again. Look through the sights optics and adjust them accordingly the sighter remains centered on the target, however, the crosshairs are based on the entry hole the bullet made.
  5. Remove the boresight and load the firearm again.
  6. Take aiming in the Middle of the goal. The shooter should pass straight through the middle.

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