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Of all the firearm accessories which are utilized by law enforcement and military, the sight and the flashlight are the most oft-stated things of selection. Who wouldn’t want to ensure that their shot is accurate and that you can observe the target you are shooting at before you pull the trigger. With this easy-to-follow guide of this pistol light reviews, you’ll be armed (pun intended) with all the information you need to pick the flashlight that suits your specific weapon (View: Shotgun light top record here) and individual needs.

A pistol-mounted flashlight can make a huge difference in your ability to appropriately assess a target or potential threat. best handgun light laser combo

Pistol lights can actually wind up serving lots of different purposes beyond just allowing for greater identification of a target or potential threat. They can be used to light up a place and even, possibly, to stun somebody with temporary blindness to allow for escape or control of the circumstance.

Best Pistol Lights List 2019


This is only one of the latest mounted flashlight options from one of the most trustworthy and reputable of firearms accessories producers. The flashlight boasts a gorgeous 800 lumens of clear, glowing, light quality. Best handgun light laser combo utilizes a CR123 lithium ion battery which boasts 10-years of battery storage lifetime. It matches on a universal rail that makes it compatible with most pistol and handgun versions.


It is built from high-grade aluminum that is aircraft-quality. It is built to be durable and endure the test of time and the wear and tear it will need to endure. You can easily and safely detach the light without having to have your hands near the muzzle, which makes it a safe choice. This affordable mounted flashlight boasts a TIR mind that provides and also an intensely concentrated beam of light whilst still maintaining great peripheral vision capabilities.


This is another fantastic alternative from the reputable Streamlight brand of strategic weapons accessories. Much like the other version we reviewed, it’s made for use with many different different versions of the firearm, utilizing the universal rail for installation. A more high-tech version than that previously explained, the TLR-2 is a fantastic value for the money. This is a durable and state-of-the-art tactical flashlight. It is constructed for easy attachment and removal of the flashlight for convenience.


This provides for powerful, long-range lighting in even the darkest conditions. It is produced from aircraft quality machined steel and has an anodized finish for added durability. The TLR-2 also boasts the TIR optic that provides for an extreme beam of powerful light whilst allowing for sight at the periphery.


This mounted best pistol lights flashlight comes in the well understand SureFire brand and is a smart, clean, and durable option for the cost. A lot of people find reassurance from choosing a time-honored new like SureFire and this flashlight will not disappoint.

It’s a great value for the money, utilizing energy efficient LED light to help extend the battery life of this flashlight without sacrificing brightness or clarity. It boasts 500 lumens, but at a yellowish-green hue that’s a spectrum easily visible to human vision.


The precision of the TIR lens allows for both focused, no dispersing beams of intense light which nevertheless allow for adequate peripheral vision. It has an easy-to-use one-finger signature system which makes it effortless to engage or disengage the flashlight. Like all the other options here, it’s mounted onto a universal rail which means no special additional parts are required for setup.


Streamlight is well-known for making some of their very cutting edges and well received mounted flashlights on the marketplace. They’re an extremely good value for the money.

best pistol lights

Similar to the other TLR models, the TLR-4 is made of airplane-worthy machined aluminum and additional treated to increase durability and duration of life. This is a lightweight and compact version which will not bog you down with extra weight, yet still provides a high quality, clear, and ultra bright light when you want it. It could be attached or removed with a single and boasts a one-touch on/off swap for simple use once on the weapon. It uses a C4 LED high powered lighting to permit for superior quality and improved array of sight.


When it comes to cheap best budget pistol light and high-quality pistol-mounted flashlights, it’s hard to beat Streamlight when it comes to the highest quality materials and different options for the cost. The TLR-6 is another high quality rail-mounted tactical flashlight that is suitable for a wide range of different pistols and handguns, we could say It is best Pistol light among those best lights for Glock. Much like all Streamlight products, the TLR-6 is produced from the highest quality machined aluminum that’s designed to withstand a variety of condition as well as the test of time. This is a LED/red laser combination that offers three unique modes of use: LED only, red laser merely, or a combination of the two. This gives the flashlight improved performance and utility. It is made to be bright (although not the brightest of the TLR offerings) at 100 lumens, boasting a reach of approximately 90 meters. It’s easy to install and remove, and also has a button for engaging the light with ease.

The Aimkon 400 is just another high-quality option that is one of the more affordable of the options we have reviewed in this guide. It’s a lightweight and mounts using a weaver mount. Powered by a CR123 battery, it boasts easy installation and uses combined with a high quality and lasting accessory. Together with the Aimkon, you receive 400 lumens of clean, bright LED lighting. Among the things that sets this mild apart is that it also includes an integrated strobe attribute that may be used to help locate you in the event of getting lost or otherwise in trouble. The strobe will operate for approximately an hour on a battery charge. The on/off switch is an easy-to-use sliding switch that makes it simple and convenient to engage or disengage the light as necessary. This is a great attribute for lighting on the move.

If you are not a part of the military law enforcement, then you may not observe the varied benefits of the tactical flashlight to a shooter. To get a variety of different reasons, a flashlight, if attached to the weapon itself carried as an accessory, is a highly recommended tool for anyone’s self-defense arsenal. There is tons of optional gear for pistols and other firearms today and a good part of them provide minimal utility and are not vital. The flashlight, however, is an accessory which you could find varied applications for — even in the event that you choose a pistol-mounted model. Many pistol versions already come prepared for the setup of an after-market flashlight along with other accessories. This is where strategic flashlights or accessories may be front-mounted. Check-list of all must-haves:

Evidently, a flashlight is not acceptable for all scenarios, but for illuminating dark areas like a garden or the woods, they work great. Used on surfaces that are shiny like tile or countertops will probably cause glare which can do nothing to help your aim.

In this guide best pistol light, we’re just likely to review weapons mounted options, as we believe that the benefits far out weight the benefits of a hand-held flashlight. First of all, a handheld flashlight requires some training and getting used to. If you end up in a high stress or tenuous situation, having something which needs grace and skill is not exactly ideal. For those that have a whole lot of exercise, there can be a taste for a hand-held lighting as you have greater flexibility in where you can aim it and have your weapon pointed in a goal.

First of all, a hand-held flashlight requires some training and getting used to. If you end up in a high pressure or tenuous situation, having something that needs sophistication and ability isn’t exactly perfect. For those that have a lot of practice, there may be a preference for a hand-held light as you have greater flexibility in where you’re able to aim it and have your weapon aimed in a goal.

As its name suggests, pistol-mounted flashlights are tactical accessories which are attached to this ramp explained above on the front of the majority of modern handguns and pistols. A self-attached lighting is already prepared to go and does not require you to have the coordination to engage. This could provide you vital seconds in protecting your home or your loved ones.

All these are affordable and easy to discover. It should be noted that the brighter the light — even the more energy efficient LED lights — even the “juice” it takes to power the light. It’s highly recommended to keep a stash of spare batteries for easy access at all times to ensure that you have this instrument in the ready.

It’s important to look for a durable model but also take note that the flashlight can only hand the power of the recoil so many times before it is going to have to be re-tightened or perhaps replaced. The more heavy duty the model, the heavier the price , but you if you do your research you are paying for quality that’s designed to last. Most conventional, adequate quality mounted flashlights will continue at least two million rounds. It should also be mentioned that there is a learning curve to using a pistol-mounted flashlight only as there is when using a hand-held flashlight with your pistol. This usually means you have to practice with your specific model to get a sense of how it changes the burden of the weapon and shot. You’ll need to get used to turning it on and using it as a means to help identify potential targets or threats.

A Note Concerning Brightness

While it is necessary to get a bright, clean pistol-mounted flashlight, so you don’t want it to develop into a dangerous or counterproductive blinding beacon. There are lights which are unnecessarily bright which may lead to vision problems of accidental victims of direct lighting. It can also make it more difficult for the shooter to see their potential target since they may cause glare on a variety of different, smooth or shiny surfaces. While a super bright light can be used to stun or temporarily blind an intruder, it can also backfire and do so to you as well. Don’t choose the brightest option on the marketplace to protect a home that’s painted white with a great deal of light-colored tooth surfaces. This will actually make it even more challenging to see, maybe easier.


While it might appear complicated, installing a weapon-mounted flashlight is not rocket science. What follows will lead you how to install most frequent types of the weapon-mounted flashlight into a basic pistol. If you select a specialty model or have a classic weapon, then you might want to get in touch with a gunsmith to ensure proper installation. An aside: some people decide to purchase the actual mount and the flashlight that pops into it separately. This may be they have a new taste, or that they discovered a better deal on the items separately. Even though this is sometimes economical, you simply take the risk which the two components are not going to be compatible with one another. When you purchase the bracket and the flashlight for a combo, you’ve got the reassurance which they’ll work together properly. Finally, however, the decision is yours.

  • Safety First: before beginning doing any type of cleaning, maintenance, upgrade, or repairs for your weapon, make sure you eliminate any ammunition and only work on unloaded weapons. No matter how much experience you have with a firearm, double check every time to ensure that’s unloaded before proceeding.
  • Clean the Rail: Before installing any accessory to a firearm, you need to ensure you are working with a clean, debris-free surface. Using patches or even a light rag together with sterile alcohol, lightly wash the rail bracket and allow it to dry for a few minutes.
  • Install the Battery Into your Flashlight: Before you mount the mild, it’s strongly suggested that you set up the battery. To do it, you want to twist the bulb assembly at the end of the flashlight. When the top is removed, you will see where you place the AA or CR123 batteries. Remember to gently replace the bulb assembly and do not over-tighten or you may cause threading.
  • Preparing the Mounting: You are going to want to use an Allen wrench to get this region of the installation process. Here, you will use the including mounting by putting it on the front rail of the weapon and wrenching it firmly into position. Again, it is crucial that you do not over tighten the mounting assembly.

5) Attaching the Flashlight: Again, you will use an Allen wrench for this last step in the setup process. You’ll have to loosen the mounting bolt onto the recently attached mount. Then, position the flashlight onto the bracket before trimming it into position. Once again, you would like to take good care, to not over tighten the flashlight assembly. It is straightforward and takes only a few minutes to correctly install a weapon-mounted flashlight, but it should be noted that they do need some routine maintenance as any other accessory.

To correctly maintain your weapon-mounted flashlight, then you will need:

After every use, apply the stains and solvent to clean any dirt, dirt, or debris which might have gathered on the weapon. With a sterile, dry patch, then wipe away any residue or dirt that may have been loosened by the solvent. Apply a little bit of grease to the bracket for good lubrication. It’s also strongly suggested that you go through this very simple cleaning and lubrication procedure if you are bringing a weapon that has been in storage for any period of time.


1) Range and Clarity of Sight: Having an extremely high quality and glowing pistol mild, you enhance the range of your eyesight line in dark circumstances. This is particularly true when you are using your weapon at a mountainous area or one which is not subject to a lot of light pollution. Clear, high quality light provides a more clear sight route with few fuzzy areas or areas of shadow that can make it tough to hone in on a goal or potential hazard. When you choose a light that’s reputed with a glowing, long-range light, you ensure that you are paying for a high-quality accessory that will enhance your ability to identify goals and even simply look around in dark surroundings. Weapons-mounted flashlights have more functional purposes as well.

2) Illumination When You Need it Most: One of the added advantages of having an ultra-bright weapon-mounted flashlight to the pistol or handgun has little to do with any shooting or shooting of weapons. If you end up in the dark for whatever motive, light can literally be life-saving. It can save you from falling off cliffs, twisting your ankle in a hole in the floor, and also alert the others to your presence. You are able to use the light for a means to light a safe, obstacle-free route and be certain that you aren’t about to walk directly into anything dangerous. These lights can also make it easier to alert people to your whereabouts and to obtain assist. The smartest flashlights will emit the longest and most powerful streams of light which will make it easier for rescue personnel or relatives to ascertain where you are.

3) An Ultra Bright Light Could Be A Weapon Unto Itself: One factor that many men and women notice about weapons-mounted pistol lights is their ability to double as a gorgeous weapon or device in itself. There are some incredibly bright lights currently available on the marketplace. Many shooters understand that non-lethal methods of running or stunning off a potential threat are far preferable to using deadly force. When you choose among those brighter models of the flashlight, you can use this to stun or temporarily blind a potential intruder or threat. This can give you a few important moments that will allow you to run to safety or to get a fantastic shot lined up undisturbed.

4) State of the Art Technology for Improved Capabilities: There are several incredibly flashlights available on the Market. By laser-based models or those that utilize energy-efficient LEDs, guns fans swear by making the jump to getting among the more advanced and brighter models. The newest and brightest models are employed and recommended by many law enforcement and military personnel, providing you the peace of mind that should they work to protect and help these kinds of heroes, it can also be trusted to protect your family and your home. Technology is advancing at such a fast rate and these accessories keep becoming thinner, more efficient, lighter, thus enhancing their utility farther.

5) Ability to Illuminate and Enjoy with Ease: Present models of ultra bright weapon-mounted lights tend to be lightweight and function with one simple touch. This means your weapon isn’t going to be bogged down with an unwieldy accessory that radically increases the burden of the weapon. The flashlight is made to be worked using one-touch, allowing one to easily utilize this attribute, even on the run or in channels of duress.

We recommend a weapon-mounted option for its simplicity and ease of usage, but the choice is ultimately up to you. When you choose a weapon-mounted option, you just need to install it once and it does not require the same level of experience in coordination to properly sew. In this informative article, we also have short best pistol light reviews that will give you a good starting point from which to choose the ideal flashlight to your weapon and individual needs. We explain the basic differences in choices on the marketplace.

We wrap up the guide by supplying simple instructions for the setup of the mounted lighting, as well as a rundown of some of the biggest benefits of choosing a clean, ultra-bright lighting option. Our staff always never stop scouring the net searching for the best products for guns and shooting enthusiasts. All what you need is to see Shooting & Security in order to discover plenty of testimonials accompanied with best products.

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